As For Martinton

by Manna Frost Trio

supported by
Noah Jensvold
Noah Jensvold thumbnail
Noah Jensvold Soothing, nostalgic, energetic, lovely. Favorite track: Waste I Will.
Julia Mono Rose
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Julia Mono Rose It is a great combination of all the styles it is tagged with. How could you tag this anyway? Favorite track: When You Leave.
Michael Beaver
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Michael Beaver I love how this tune tiptoes along until the 0:31 mark and then gets all up in your face. Favorite track: Family Reunion pt. 1.
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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Skyco Studios in Chapel Hill, NC.


released July 30, 2013


all rights reserved



Manna Frost Trio Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Track Name: Waste I Will
Hopefully we know we’re clear
that once we meet again
we’ll disappear

How could I be lonesome here?
There’s only time to waste
and waste I will

Moved it on and left a mess
I guess I’ll carry you still
if you foot the bill

Take this off my back
This is not the place
to wonder where you are

Falling down while
walking every fold
in the dark
Feel it out

All the time
I wonder
what we see
Track Name: Painless and Plain
There was a chance I thought I’d take
nothing to keep me down,
and I’m feeling left out

It’s only weeks
left and I’ll be on (I’ll be on)
where nothing makes a sound

Taken in the moment
the sky slides out of view,
silent, still and true

Go from a repeat
to a lazy day
Couldn’t be more entertained

I’ll need to see
reasons left unknown
or my travel is my home

Sailing in the shadow
of a hundred year old dream
we fall in between

Catch and throw away
years across the arms
Every day the same

Still, a patient wait
Believing it in the end
to be painless and plain

Reaching out, an empty pull
first thoughts we all can stand
at every hungry hand

A wait to take
anything we get,
and hope they don’t forget

We’re keeping what we must
running out of the
pieces left for us

It’s all because
that dream came true
Track Name: So Wonderful
So wonderful
You won’t believe
the birds we’ve seen
golds and greens all

frame the afternoon
With every step
collecting debts
Run instead

Try to understand
we need to breathe
so keep your seat
Stay asleep, and it’s

no mystery
they don’t belong
But is it wrong
to get along?

to see
it’s only right

All the songs and calls
drown out the leaves
and sounds of feet
Days complete, though

True, they need a break
it’s a mistake to
fan the flames
Move away

Fight the urge to live
between the streets and
concrete trees
Cold machines, and I’ve

seen the difference
between a gift and
short sold dreams
Plans and schemes

in your

And every
you find

That time
is a world

And it’s hard to picture it,
the worlds we’ll see
Track Name: Redefined
Call it what you need
Comfort me and let it be
a story told in the dark
I will play my part

Just another sky
Why is it that every time
we fall behind I see
what there is to beat?

Lose yourself today
It’s okay to see your self
another way and you’ll grow
I will let you know

Keep it in mind
I am here to do my best
and I expect that you know
Some things move so slow

All that heart
and every part
I’ll give away
Don’t you say
that I’m cold
My only hope
is to hold on
Track Name: Family Reunion pt. 1
Was it in a dream
I saw you sneaking glances?
You were taking second chances,
or was that how it seemed?

Was it in a dream
that I was getting older?
My arms, they couldn’t hold her
but still were hanging on at the seams

Sleep walking, another one down
with a moment to collect
And all I said was I never would understand

Don’t let a countdown get in the way
A long good time, a soft goodbye
You’re there to stay

A good clear head and a happier home
never happened to you riding alone
Stuck in the middle of it, still as a stone
wondering where you can go to get along

Well was it in a dream I saw
that all of it was ending?
Falling from the tallest chimneys
to the boxes that I keep

Ain’t it a shame
we push it away?
We push it away
Track Name: Family Reunion pt. 2
If death and sleep are brothers
then birth must be their cousin
because I cannot for the life of me remember
where I was before then

If time keeps rolling on for no one
well then, what’s the use of keeping track?
Because I cannot for the life of me imagine
why I’d ever want to go back

Stealing the whole throe
a grand and meaningful show
that creeps into weekends,
appeals to the telescope
I don’t need a reason to go

Let them all forget the hard
and evil ways deep in the heart
A way to begin
I’ll be in till the end
unless they find another way

All the ways to the end
leave a place to begin
Track Name: When You Leave
Weakened, rusted out or dust
there still is reason
to find out what it does

Forget the other troubled seasons
they are lost
but mentioned now and then

To find a mind to climb inside
would leave us running
with nothing left to hide

Again, a moment holds this town
They were calling
when no one was around

And if your heart
just leaves you in the dark
your mind will lose it all
but shouldn’t let you down

And when you part
I hope that from the start
it is as beautiful
as life with you around

Slowing down
and thoughts that once were racing
seem to slip away
creating ways unseen

is where we all come from
but where we’ll end up
is nowhere to be found

Repaired and carried in my arms
the walk is hard enough
but never is too far

We’ve built
futures where we’ll stay
A fate uncertain,
but I am not afraid

And if it's fine
for me to drop the line
then I will pick a day
so that's the way it goes

And when it’s time
my hope is all that’s mine
is given away
to those that need it most

When you leave
I hope that you are greeted by
a thousand sunsets
setting the sky on fire

And if it seems
the feeling is completed
it is done
I’ll be with you in time
Track Name: My Face of the Earth
My face of the earth
can’t see me anymore
I need the clean scenery
found in the other door

Can’t send them away
so talk about it
Oh, please, another reason
to freeze and turn it in

Never told to believe
just strapped into a seat
in the middle of a free fall
and an endless stream of heat

A new way to create
a clear escape, a little late,
never thought of the
years left to wait

Cold crew and a sleepless week for me
Told none of the ending plans to you
No use in a tool you cannot see
Never once was a meaning so misused

Looking into a sky
you don’t understand
holding answers and
history in your hand

Staring into your heart
from a man made star
from where you are reaching
out for a piece as it falls apart

Let it go and my hands are on my knees
Give it up for another chance to breathe
Track Name: All Turned Around
in the water

We all
turned around

You don’t know

Cut and paste
the story

Feel lost
for a while

You don’t know

Which will remain
we owe it to shame
to take all the blame
Track Name: Life So Kind
Why do you believe?
Don’t you have the strength yourself
to see it through?

I have no problem
that I can’t get over by myself
Every day ends well

and you make it
what you can and will
You know, you never seem to feel
what it is that holds you back
Everything is harder till you crack
it open and get out

To who do you appeal?
You know you have capacity to feel
and be felt

There is just no reason
you should give those things to someone else
Keep them all yourself

so you can take and give them
as you please
And nothing brings me to my knees
quicker than the loss of life so kind
Everything is harder till you find
another waste of time