Manna Frost Trio

by Manna Frost Trio

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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Skyco Studios in Chapel Hill, NC.


released November 18, 2011

©&℗ 2011 Skyco Media, LLC


all rights reserved



Manna Frost Trio Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Track Name: Contrasts
A hard kiss with soft lips
woke me up to the day
Spent a long time on a short line
and now I'm going another way

A cold night in a warm light
gave a good start to the year
It's now or never because we're together
just don't believe what you hear

And all that aside
don't you ask why
I hold you so tight, all night

Hold me
and let me go
Let black boots be buried
in the snow
Track Name: Left Behind
There is a life I left behind
so full of sparkling bright lights
it'll leave you blind
And now it's hard to find
anything that'll shine on through
so I'm saving my eyes for you

I met a world that was not real
so numb and alone that there was
nothing I could feel
And now I cannot tell
which direction I grew
so I'm saving my hands for you

And everything today is
just as strange as it was yesterday
the way that we still cannot say
the words we all need anyway

Oh, but right now
the living's easier for some
the ones who haven't noticed
what they never say is costing days

I found an ocean made of fear
so large and loud its waves
were all that I could hear
And now the ringing's here,
so it's true
so I'm saving my ears for you

For all the places that I've been
I haven't seen a difference
my hint's that we don't have the sense
to know what's killing us and when

Oh, but wait
it's all the same
the way we steal from ourselves,
put it up, and marvel when it sells
Track Name: We're Gonna Lose
Slowly slowing
when the gears of motion
are grinding down

Only rolling
eyes are what I find
when I'm around

But we didn't think
it would make it this far,
but it did
and we don't have the rent

So we don't need
another load to hold
We're gonna lose what we need most
if we don't keep it close

Lately it seems
that we're obsessed with
holding on too tight

So oh well
let's give ourselves
a reason to believe that it's alright

But we didn't know
that it's been done before
Oh, but it has
we're sitting in the back of the class

So we don't think
we're allowed to make the noise
We're gonna lose our only voice
and we won't have a choice
Track Name: Hidden in the Heat
And as the sunlight hits our footsteps
we'll have gone as far as we can go
Maybe pray for one more moon, or two,
to keep us where we are
before we go to blend in with the stars

Even though there's promise in their shine
they've seen their share of friends like these
But whether or not they're true to you
my answer's still the same
and never would it be a waste of time

And I hope that when you think of me
there's not a place inside your heart that feels alone
'Cause like a man who cut his teeth
away from where he'd grown
I would always return home

If I deserve someone better
well please tell me where they might be found
'Cause in doing the things I do, I found you
and that to me
is a thought that I'd like to keep around

Maybe ours will find some other hearts
or maybe they will stand their ground
but whichever way they go, I know,
that we should not forget
that remembering is an important part

And I hope that being far away
helps you realize what you want to be close to
and if that isn't me, we'll I'll have to let that be
but I'll have you know I'm not changing my mind

There is something hidden in the heat
making sure that we won't know
what's been undercover
but once it's frozen over
there will be some time to clear the beat

There are things you feel but cannot show
that play themselves out in your head
and though most of it is all for show,
it should not go unsaid
when you're then one that someone needs
and you don't know

And I hope that being so alone
has changed your mind about the way
that things were going,
and when you run out of things to do
it may turn out to be true
you've had a change of heart worth showing
Track Name: Friends
There are some friends
that we have not seen in a while
and last time that they came over
they left some things behind

Patiently waiting in their homes
for us to call
to tell them that they are welcome
once again and for all

But I don't want to be here when they come

Our friends are going to
the places we love most
to see if they can track us down
and have a toast

To all their interests
and the things that they brought with them
And they say that next time they're coming
they're bringing friends

But I don't want to be there when they come

We grow so lonesome
and so a hand we do extend
But the one that returns a grip that's firm
will be our friends'

Oh friends, please tell us,
what it is you plan to do
and if it's something we don't like
we're coming after you

But I'm not going to be here when they come
Track Name: Woods of Carolina
Hollow eyes and a sunken face
told of better days inside

But I know that it's hard to hide
the race that you're running in your heart

From the start it was hard when you lost your grip
and started to slip to the side

And it's true, there'll be better times for you
oh but we've all got it too,
let's live and learn

So sweet was the perfect defeat
and the trees over my shoulder
asking why I let go

But you know it only takes one oar to row
yourself around in circles

And it's true, there'll be better times for you
oh but we've all got it too,
let's live and learn

No sleep will get you down, but not to bed,
and the aching in your head, well it gets old

But you know, when you're burning at both ends
it'll leave you wishing for more wax and wicks to hold

And I've waited
a long time
in the woods
of Carolina
if I'll ever find
the heart
of that pine

to build
my fire
and keep
the light
by my side