by Manna Frost Trio

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released August 12, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Skyco Studios in Chapel Hill, NC.


all rights reserved



Manna Frost Trio Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Track Name: Day One
Isn’t it cruel
how the future makes a fool
of a worthy man who understands he’s living
a life with no rules?
And when everything ends, as it will do,
then it will have to take me, too

Slowly we roll
on a burning bed of coals
The fiercest fight with all your might, and losing,
and days in the hole
And it only takes one to know the soul
that never took the way back home

Your tongue’s on the tip of your teeth
A soothing truth that hits you on cue
Track Name: They're Real
I don’t believe in ghosts
but that doesn’t mean that
I don’t think they’re real
It’s just that I don’t have
confidence in them

I can’t feel for you
but please don’t think that
it’s because I don’t care
It’s just that I’m not
underneath your skin

It’s another time following
and it’s going down easy
Testing limits, all the while smiling
It was a mystery to me

What is seen isn’t understood
and an answer won’t do any good for you
or the loss of a friend
but in the end you did what you could

Cursing the cut, holding the hand too much
Another mistake, but it’s just a game
And if they’re real, I ought to know by now
Scaring me straight, just a way to escape
Track Name: Cruel and Cold
It is slow and lonely days like these
I wish I could remember
what it was that made me want to stay
in a place so cruel and cold
It was no fit
but at least I know I never quit
until the soul I dearly wanted
stopped its dancing in my head

It is on the long and sloping roads
I almost can recall the times
I’ve closed my eyes and lived a dream
in a place I’ve never seen
It’s not my wish
but at least there’s just a little bit
of all the stars that fall apart
and every ending in my heart

Well I was told a reason for leaving
I couldn’t believe
And the heat with the kick in the teeth
well it wasn’t for me

Time is never a curse
revealing a deal in the works
Save it and just empty your head
before it all gets worse
Track Name: The Last Flash
I saw the last flash
of the taillights
on my way home
I hope they weren’t alone

And all the glowing shows
on the highway
don’t let me sleep
the only thing I need

A shadow and some shade
a brilliant place to stay
with no room to adjust
and windows full of dust

Shake to stay awake
don’t let them take away
the scenes you see and keep
the seasons on repeat

In every little hand
a riddle
folded up tight
to keep it out of sight

I don’t need a clue
to know it
but I’ll play along
it never goes wrong

The comfort and the clean
was colored, was never what it seemed
The load was shared, but getting there
was half the work
Playing out adventures in reverse
Track Name: Shatter Cones
Caught in the aftershock
buried beneath the bedrock
Our thoughts will blot out the sun
and everyone knows what we’ve done

Words that were hung on the end of your tongue
have come loose
We get along it’s something in the vision we choose

How long could you be alone?
How late can you stay awake?
until you turn into stone
to wait for a simple mistake

All along
it wasn’t right
there was nothing to gain
Again the hatred was wasted
all the faces were faded in the end

And don’t believe it’s true
it is enough
just to push all your luck
There’s something funny in losing
everyone is a user once again
Track Name: Cities Glow
Every time it’s a million kinds
so what a way to go
And cities glow
like slowly dying campfires
And all of us loved them
And you waited all night long

See, now, my heart is on the line
so please don’t let me go
And friends will sing of ten
terrible things
And each of us needs them
But who’s waiting all night long?

It’s another way to lie about it
I don’t see the need
to hide a dream

All to fade away we’re saving
waiting for the sky
to realign
Track Name: Show Up Alone
Treated right and left alone
Given the time and somewhere to go
I’ll keep an eye wide open
turned to the light, shaken and broken

Tearing the ground, a place to start
Turning around, a change of the heart
You will feel the weight and wonder
which way is safe and which will go under

Straight to the top was the only way
Couldn’t finish the job or decide what to say
Still, too many ties to get out of hand
To leave it is right, try not to misunderstand

It’s all in the way that the rules are made
Either give it a day or just give it away
Try to say goodbye, remember the friends
A moment in time kindly erased again

Afraid to lose control
Show up alone, and let it go
And anyone who is taking the time
could find a life they might recognize

Keep running, that’s all it is
And nothing’s funny, stealing the things you miss
Cooled down enough and given a chance
Leave it to luck and save what you can in advance

Caught the eyes, that’s all it took
Reasons to lose a night, missing the second you look
After all the same, it’s hard to reply
It isn’t a game, and I only wanted to try
Track Name: Ordinary Looks
Ordinary looks
you caught in the wind
you said it won’t happen again

In and out of love
you don’t understand
Settled down and stuck in the sand

A fifty dollar bill
you hid in your cuff
You said it wasn’t enough

to take me all the way
You got it today
and I took it away

Holding on to the wall
you said I was wrong
You thought it wasn’t that long

Inches from the end
you stood in the way
and I had nothing to say

I set out looking to stay
It’s easier when
thoughts just keep their place
are never seen
and silently speak

The sounds from below
A song played just so
I’m longing to know
how long this will go
Track Name: Empty Seats
Always thought it was fine,
what I recall
But one bad week
will change it all

Shell it out for a day
to drag on the bottom
and row alone
until they’re gone

All wrapped up
and out of reach
It appears
it’s every year

So I’ll take up everything,
send it to the wind,
and maybe hope that a breeze
will let me in

All the secrets that you keep
and all the stories that you read
never put you any closer
to what you need

And I’ll always get sad
listening to the Dead
Driving down to Assateague
in my head

Does it ever fade away,
all the people and every place,
trapped inside of my head
at the end of the day?

Empty seats
it’s often strange
The way is straight,
long and grey
Can’t look away

Take a moment that you need,
keep it for a week,
and find out that the game
is not what it seems

And I’ll drive a thousand miles
to see if I get tired
Take a break
and give it a try